A trip to the East Festival

Hello everyone!

So sorry for not publishing before but this week I almost slept under my tons of work to do for academy, but at least all the projects I presented were well welcomed so now… time for blogging (and for myself!).
So, a couple weekends ago, I finally had the opportunity to visit the Est Festival for the first time in my city, and I’ve been waiting so much for sharing it with you. It was really as gorgeous as I thought it would be. I went with three friends and we had so much fun together and of course, I brought my little cutie Nikon with me, fellow buddy of so many adventures, and even though my neck was not happy about the hanging weight, it was totally worth it!

When it comes to meet different cultures, it really amazes me how much knowledge and beauty you can discover from something so different from your culture, that’s why I decided to study foreign languages at high school. And as you get to know me, you’ll understand how freaking much fascinated I can become when I find myself surrounded by true beauty. Because, you know, beauty is in everything around us, you just have to choose to see it, to look for it, and when I find it, I just feel so happy, like I’m feeding my soul and get so inspired to create, which is what I love.

Now, obviously I’m not gonna show you all the 453 fotos I took, but the main one for sure!


Oh man, I would have furnished my future house with these beautiful Arabian gems…


Must-have bowls when you’re planning a Chinese or Japanese dinner (and I’ll def do it).


Maybe one of the most interesting themes to me: Imperial clothing 😀


Since we had the chance to choose among 18 reastaurants, we decided to try Indian and Thai. Guyys, were they good! So I decided to buy some Tandoori Masala spice to have my own homemade spiced chicken, still gotta try it though, but when I make it, I’ll show you.
And obvs this is just one of the millions spices I wanted to take home but had to accept it…


Now, I know it’s a kinda different foto from the stands but isn’t this puppy just so adorable?? So fluffy and happy! Stole my heart. If I could have a pet one day, I’d choose a doggy like this ❤


Still in my to-buy list…


Live Sumi-e


Real leather notebooks with cotton pages… preciousness.


Traditional kimono styling


Yeah, details got me…


Now this is serious stuff! Guys, when it comes to tea I’m a freak. I drink 3 cups a day and I’m in love with green and white. I also drink red or black tea but only when I really need a boost, I’m not a fan. Really like how roobois tastes, though, but it’s not in my collection. Sorry, coffe lovers, I can’t stand coffee, I only drink cappuccinos in rare cases. But it when it comes to tea, oh boy, give me tea and I’ll be happy. When I was in London during last year of high school, I remember spending over 40£ in teas at Whittard in Covent Garden.
So, for those of you wondering I bought the green one over here with purple flowers called Enchanted Forest, cause when I smelled it, it reminded me to when I was a little girl and my mom prepared me some mint latte drink to refresh in hot summer… Don’t even need to tell you this tea’s got a sublime flavour.

I think I’m gonna end this post, cause I went a little bit to deep xD I hope I’ll find some time in these next few days to post some cute ideas for Halloween, because next week I’m gonna start the internship in a bridal gowns company (basically a dream come true for me!) and I’m really gonna strive for extra time.

So I hope you liked this post and leave a comment below if you want to share your thoughts with me, have a nice weekend and stay positive 🙂




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