Cool artsy weekend 

Hey everyone,

I’m so soooorry for not posting in the last 3 weeks but I had so much stuff going on.

So first of all, last week of internship has ended in tears, I had so much fun with the ladies at the Company. They were always adorable and thaught me so much, had even the opportunity to work with the designer and one of the most exciting parts was when I got to see some of the gown’s samples made in collaboration with the J’aton Couture!! Too excited, I know, but I would’ve never imagined to work on such big projects. Hopefully, once done with the Academy, I’ll get to find a job in a Company like that because I’ve never met such kind and respectful people and owners, it was like being part of the big family  🙂

Then, on Saturday, I visited the bridal fair again this year and had such a good time. I collected so many magazines and brochures to study the new bridal trends and examinate the new collections. Even watched the bridal and groom fashion show, sooo cool!

But what I looved most was Sunday. Since the terrible earthquake happened in Middle Italy in August and this damaged deeply all the local people and the cities, my fashion design teacher organized a charity project. She decided to make a 2017 calendar, choosing 12 most representative woman portraits and recreating them with 12 models photographed wearing the same costumes and acting the same. All the sales proceeds will be donated to those people and this is having so much success right now. But the fun part for me was when she organized the press conference and asked me and other two classmates to wear a costume in order to represent a living portrait. It was so exciting and emotional. I’m still thrilled reminding that. And I got to be The girl with the pearl earring by Jan Vermeer. Whaaat? I know, that portrait is so beautiful, actually one of my favourites. Here’s the pic:

Currently my fave photo.

I’m so glad to take part of this beautiful and kind project, hope those people could receive enough to build their own lives again.

And now, moving on even more exciting news, I’m SO. DAMN. EXCITED. about this Black Friday. I’m literally almost broke (not joking!), don’t know actually what kind of miracle forces held me back from spending it all but caaan’t wait to wrap my new babys in my arms and show you. So next post will be all about beauty shopping and first impressions.

So hope you liked this shor update and stay tuned for what’s coming. Meanwhile you can following me on socials and let me know in the comments how you’re doing in the weekend and what Black Friday list you’ve prepared.
Until then stay beautiful and determined.
Much love,
Ally ♡


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