Biggest Beauty Haul Ever and Thoughts

Hello lovelies,

How’s you weekend going? Mine pretty well, even though I’m feeling a little cold but I have so much stuff planned for the night (and ’till January) that I must get through it anyways.

So, as I anticipated in my latest post and on IG, for Black Friday this year I went crazy and bought all the stuff I was looking and waiting for almost a year and I’m veeery excited to show you what I got. As you can tell from the photo I did a HUGE beauty haul and I’m gonna speak about these products by dividing them per brand and categories.

Face – L’Oreal Paris Accord Parfait Range


For my foundation I was looking for a good quality product that didn’t have to be necessarily high end. So I did some resarches and watched so many YouTubers and found out the L’oreal Paris True Match (or Accord Parfait) was a drugstore holy grail for most of them. And since I have oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin I was dying to try this out.
I bought it in the shade Beige Doré and what I like most about this foundation already is that it comes in this glass bottle with the pumping dispenser (which I always look for in a foundation) that makes it easier to use and more hygenic.
For concealer and powder I went for the same brand range in the shade Medium and Beige Doré. Actually, I was looking for the Maybelline Fit me Concealer ’cause I heard such good reviews but I couldn’t find it so went for the same True Match because honestly I think that, since these products were created by the same brand to work together, they should be given a try before pairing them with other brand’s products that you could be disappointed by, only because maybe they are good products picked alone, but just don’t work together or for you.

Primers – Nyx Cosmetics


I purchased the Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Clear and HD Eye Shadow Primer. For face primer, I actually almost forgot I needed a new one so I was rushing to find a good one for my skin xD I was very impressed by the L’oreal Lumi Magique Primer reviews but unfortunately, since I have oily skin, I’m not looking for a illuminating primer, but for a mattifying one. So since I’m still using a drugstore foundation I didn’t feel ready for a Becca Ever-Matte or Hourglass Mineral Veil, and purchased the Nyx one. I’m very excited to try this brand, it’s the first time shoppin it for me so let’s see what happens. I took the clear one because I don’t have any dyschromias to correct, I just want it to give my skin a matt, smooth and natural finish. For the Eye Shadow Base, on the contrary, I read wonderful reviews about the good quuality-price realationship that I was pretty sure to buy this. I like that it comes in a liquid formula with the applicator and that it’s got a rosy, sandy color, which brightens already my eyes and can even be worn alone.

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Now, can we just take a minute to appreciate this? Again, I’ve been watching so many Youtubers fallin in love with this bronzer that I had to have this. And now, I love it too. First, perfect and beautiful packaging, second, the color is so rich and pigmented but at the same time is buildable and applies so flawless, I applied on my mum this morning and we were both so amazed she is planning to get herself one too. I’m in fact very curious to try the whole Hoola kit with the liquid bronzer too. So, yeah, I’m obsessed and the Dallas one… is already calling my name.

Eyeliner – Maybelline Studio Gel Eyeliner


This eyeliner was so claimed as the blackest and beautiful and convenient ever, I had to try it. But I admit, when I opened up the packaging, I was soo disappointed by the size. I mean it is even tinier than my thumb! Ridiculous. But, since I don’t wear makeup every day, I will see how much it lasts. I really have big expectations about this so hope this is as good as reviewed.

Lashes – L’oreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


Now, if you follow some Youtubers (and I’m sure you do!), you probably heard how amazing this product is called and so for suuure I was gonna purchase. For many years, I’ve been using Kiko different Mascaras, but honestly I didn’t know if I really liked them and then I knew, when I tried the L’oreal Butterfly Effect Lashes (or something like that), I liked that my lashes were all opened and flared but I jus had this feeling inside me that it wasn’t just the right mascara for me (you girls out there probably know what I’m talking ’bout). So I hope this one will get the job done.

Brushes and Cases – Morphe Brushes


Ok, now I’m getting serious. When it comes to brushes I get crazy and you can tell from my haul, it may be my art inclination but I love to have every single specific brush and above all good quality brushes. For the past years I’ve been using the first brush set I purchased when I started to do my makeup so of course I didn’t know those brushes weren’t as good as I thought and I kept using them but only maybe 1 year ago I realized I have betterd my skills and they weren’t doing the job for me. I could see how easy it was to have harsh lines and wondered how Youtubers blended so perfectly shadows. And now I can tell, it’s not as hard when you’re working with good brushes and I realized the difference only when I got these. I read wonders about Morphe so I decided to invest in their products. I purchased the 31 brushes set and some others from the Élite collection. I just used one for bronzing this morning and it DID IT SO PERFECTLY. You can already see the quality by the pics but in reality they are even better. I purchesed the 31 pieces set because I felt like I needed more eye brushes and in general for storage, and I have to say some of them I don’t even think I need them or a few other tiny ones have different quality bristles but I have to try them all before reviewing.


I also bought two brush cases, the slim and the chubby one, compared in the photo above, and the chubby is bigger than I expected but I love them both, because I’m planning to divide my brushes evenly since they won’t for sure fit only in one case.

Eyeshadow Palettes – Morphe Brushes 35O Matt and Shimmer



I present to you the stars of the show. I already had another palettes with so many colors, but I was looking for a cheap, good quality palette especially with matte and warm tones, which I’m so in love because they pair beautifully with my blue eyes. And the I discovered these palette and my life changed. Now I finally have my favourite colors and I can wear all the warm nude eye looks of my dreams. As I carefully swatched I was blown out by the pigmentation, can’t wait to try these.


An as soon as I watched the shimmers I fell in love too. They’re so rich that the photos don’t even do it justice.

Lips – Nyx Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Lingerie Liquid Lipstick


For lippies I love the liquid lipstick formula since it is kissproof, waterproof and foodproof and I honestly was looking for the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks but it was pretty difficult to find them online so I ended up buying these Nyx products, which I heard to be very good. I purchased them in Soft Spoken (Suede) and Ruffle Trim (Lingerie, btw isn’t this name so beautiful? So feminine) but the looked much lighter on the website, so I love them anyways, so pretty colours, but next time I’m gonna go for something more nude and lighter. Can’t wait to try these on.

Finishing Spray – Make Up Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray


I’ve been wanting a setting spray forever but at the moment of the purchase, the Urban Decay All Nighter just went sold out. So I ended up buying the MUFE but I’m very excited though, ’cause the quality should be the same, I only hope this works good for me.

Skincare – Clarisonic Mia 2


And last but not least, my biggest skincare purchase is the Clarisonic Mia 2. This device is supposed to cleanse you skin 6x better than normally hand washing and make wonders to your skin. I’ve started using it for 2 days already but I gonna test it deeply before reviewing it in another specific post.


So I hope you guys loved this super long post on the biggest haul of my life and enjoy the holiday spirit. And if you’re still going to university, bear with me, it’s only less then  weeks!

Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you in my next post, which btw is gonna be on gifting and wishlists.

Stay precious and clever,





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