Gift Listing 101: How to Give the Perfect Present

Hello beauties,

Here we are again. I’m planning to post earlier this week because I’m gonna focus the rest of the weekend on designing about 40 sketches, I know. Fortunately, I’m starting to feel the Holiday Spirit even closer this year and I can’t wait for Christmas to come, especially since I have loads of work to do for my thesis in January and I really need to stay at home and type at my laptop (like right now). But I know this is also a trouble time of the year because we have to deal with Christmas gifting. And honestly gifting is not such a problem for me (it’s fun actually xD) because I may be one of those rare people who always know what to give as a present. But I also understand it can be sometimes (or always!) troubly ’cause you maybe wonder if that person is gonna like it or is gonna use it or had one already. So this post, which was actually requested by my dear BFF (and if you’re reading hello!), is gonna feature my tips on how to make the perfect gift and some suggestions on how to solve all your future gift problems.

So, how do I always know what to give as a present? Well, I basically have this kind of software in my head that lists every possibility of gift that person would like to receive so everytime the holiday season or birthday comes around I already know what to look for. But if you don’t have this kind of software in your head xD don’t worry, I’m gonna teach you how to educate your memory in the following steps.

Step 1 – Listening

We all know listening is the basis of every healthy relationship, but it is crucial when it comes to give a present. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mama, dad, sis, bro, best friend or boyfriend, try to spend some time with them because just by listening to them you could find out they need so much more you would have ever expected. Even better if you go out for a walk or by shops because you would have more ideas.

Step 2 – Ask the right questions

Now that you’ve found out what you could get or even if you skipped step one because you may already have some ideas, I suggest step 2 in order to remove any doubts. And by asking the right questions I mean to ask discreetly that person if he/she already got the present you have in mind, or if would really need it because you don’t wanna end buying something and then hope that this person didn’t get it meanwhile. And you could just pick the topic by asking “So what about that thing you wanted so bad? Did you get finally get it?”.

Step 3 – Dissuade (Optional)

This is totally optional and you could need step 3 if you find out that this person is gonna get your possible present. And if you want so bad to give that gift or have no other ideas on mind, you want to dissuade that person by saying things like “Oh, but do you really think you need it?” or “Yeah, that’s great but I don’t think it’s worth the money” or “Why don’t you wait for sales?”. I can assure you it works! And then, when that person receives the gift is pure satisfaction for both because the best feeling about receiving a present is that you don’t imagine what is gonna be.

Step 4 – Make a list

Once you’ve found out what you’re gonna get, don’t skip this step! Make a list of possible gifts for that person even on your phone so when the holidays come you already have gift ideas, otherwise you won’t remember what to buy and you’ll be stressed out.

So this is my trick and it’s normal for me to use it everytime I know someone wants or needs something. But if you still need some gift ideas for this Christmas I’m giving you the following suggestions. As a gift I always prefer getting something that is useful and aesthetic, because you want that person to use that gift and to not just look at it staying on a table, if that makes sense.

Gift for Her

Talking about fashion, I looove that hats are so trending at the moment, I think they are an underestimated piece but I promise you just have to find the one that suits you perfectly. And if this girl is a fashion addicted or a trend-setter she will definitely love these hats from ASOS, these will be my next shopping. I recommend this camouflage baseball cap, which I love ’cause it’s got also mesh for a more sporty yet sexy look, this satin baseball cap for a more romantic chic girl, this faux leather baseball cap for a sensual glam look, this braid trilby for a country yet urban look, these white (my fav), boho, chic, braided, classic, country, romantic, very country borsalinos and this one of a kind borsalino-panama hat. Also like these H&M black and grey borsalinos and this goregous floppy hat. These are so trendy and they’ll always look good.

Chokers are my ultimate favourites and I’m glad they’re finally back after years. These are some of my fave feminine, inca, glam, urban, elegant, minimal, refined, sultry, sexy, floral, casual chokers plus these must-have buckle, everyday, urban, classic, holiday and statement looks.

I think this is another underrated piece yet so perfect for autumn winter. Currently I’m loving these ribbed tights and ribbon longuette tights by Calzedonia and these Tezenis longuette tights, perfect statement piece under your favourite skirt.

For this section you can draw insipiration from my latest post Biggest Beauty Haul Ever and Thoughts, where I talk about my latest beauty obsessions.

If you’re girl is a gym bunny (just like me), she’s gonna love the new POPFLEX Dark Bloom Collection, my already fave pieces atm are this so unique coat, plum scarf, loove the print, and the shrug. These items are perfect for sport but also so versatile, you can wear them also casually or with a pair of heels underneath.


You can always count on a hobby to get the perfect present.
If he/she is an artist or a designer or simply likes any type of drawing I recommend this 24 Promarker Set by Winsor & Newton, which are very good quality marker and a good color combo, and this 6 Metallic Marker Set, which personally I’m dying to try ’cause I’m still troubling in rendering metallics. I also recommend this 72 sketch Copic set, that are more blendable, but only if you’re on a big shopping spree.

If he/she likes baking than I’ll make sure I get a complete set of pretty measurable cups or a digital thermometer if he/she takes pâtisserie seriously.

If you’re dealing with a tea or coffee or chocolate lover I suggest getting one of the tasty whittard of chelsea products or maybe a beautiful tea box to store their faovurite teas, I’ve seen so many great items at Maison du Monde and speaking of it I’ve seen so many home decorations great for Christmas gifts you can find the whole range here.

So I hope you liked this post and if still have questions on what to get for Christmas, maybe to a boy, leave them in the comments below and I’ll make sure you find the perfect gift. Plus, while thinking about the next post to write, I announce you that something big will hit this blog 😉 Stay tuned for more updates and meanwhile you can follow me on social if you like.

Stay beautiful and strong.


Love you,

Ally ❤







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