Update blog post + Graduation

Helloooo my dears,

and happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s day to everyone. I’m sooo sorry I haven’t been writing in 3 months (:O) but you guys can’t tell what even happened to me.

First of all, I hope you celebrated yesterday with your beloved ones, whether they’re your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, children, family or friends. Please always remember that love is basically what makes everything move and never ever take it for granted, and not only on Feb 14th but everyday, try to always save some time for yourself and the people that make you happy because once one day has passed it’ll never come back, so try to make every single day special.

Now, this post will just be a biiig update on my life because I just fel I had to give you some sort of explanation on why I didn’t blog in such long time. Actually, as I told you three months ago, I was studying very hard for my graduation and I had so many things to do and so little time. And therefore I spent my whole Christmas Holidays drawing, rendering fabrics and working at my laptop. I felt so much pressure on but I was telling myself to just keep going and that I got it. But then holidays were over and I had to come back to academy for the last few lessons and I was very happy with the work I had done at home but I didn’t know how much I still had to do. So I ended up staying up ’till late night in front of my PC editing and collaging my designs in Photoshop, which I love-hate btw sometimes :D, and it was really unhealthy and kinda depressing for me. But I kept going because I know I had a deadline even though the exam date hadn’t been already stated until one day I stood up from the sofa where I was sitting and I started to see everything around me moving. I was having deep vertigos and I started to have nausea too. I thought I was some kind of sudden blood pressure change but it was persistent for the next few days until on Sunday I felt like I couldn’t even lay in the bed anymore because I saw the whole house moving. So my parents drove me to the hospital and surprisingly they wanted me to do some exams before leaving so I stayed there for almost 5 days. I was so frightened and started to think about how I could have passed my academic exams in those conditions, ’cause meanwhile the dates had been stated.

But that was the moment I realized what I was doing. I was so focused on that final exam that I was neglecting my health, I wasn’t sleeping enough, I was eating bad and to little and I couldn’t even find the time to work out anymore. I had even almost forgot to spend quality time with the people I love. So that was the breaking point when I started to think “Who cares?” Because you should always try to improve yoursel and your life and to give the best you can for yourself, because you deserve it, but you should never do something you think it’s right in an unhealthy way. If you’re not happy during the journey, then don’t think that reaching your goal will make you happy. In fact when I was the hospital I really started to focus on my health again and on taking time to recover, and I really appreciated it because that was all I was needing but I didn’t want to listen to my body. After I came home I still had vertigos and balance problem and still now I have issues when I walk outside so I’m trying to watch my step (literally) but I’m optimistic that soon this will just be a memory. Although I think this was a positive experience for me because it really opened my mind and made me understand not to think superficial or selfish. Life is so worth it but sometimes we focus on small things and completely forget about the big joys we have.

So this post is for you. Whether you’re struggling to lose weight (or to gain) or to look like a certain way, don’t. Just listen to your body, give it what it needs, enjoy the journey and never forget that external beauty never comes if you’re not feeling beautiful inside. If you’re working hard for an exam or to reach a certain goal, always make sure you’re doing it healthly, never deprive yourself of the things or people you love. Always take care of yourself and find balance because you only have one life to live and if you waste days not smiling or having fun in doing waht you’re doing, then it makes no sense, right?

So always live and do everything in the name of love, because where there’s love there’s also beauty and happiness. Always look for beauty in everything.

Oh almost forgetting, this pic you see is a sneak peak of my portfolio and as you can tell form the cover I wanted to celebrate the strenght and determination of us women, so I called it The Gentlelady Collection. This was the collection I graduated with and I’m so happy at the end everything went well. I feel so free right now!! But I’m already studying again, graphic design this time, ’cause I still have to master Photoshop, Illustrator and all that stuff. Honestly, I wanted to share a recipe for ring-shaped cake too but I still have to perfection it because it didn’t turn as I wanted. Since I have more time now though, I promise I’ll write more frequently (I’ve already planned some posts :D).

So I hope you enjoyed this post and it made you think about your priorities.

Love you and I’ll catch ya in the next few days.

Keep loving your life and staying beutiful, just as you are,




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