Brush cleansing mat DIY


Hello beauties,

Can’t believe it has passed so much time from my last post. Sorry guys, I was kinda busy designing for a fashion contest, wish me good luck! Buuut I had still time to experiment something for you guys… a DIY!

I’ve been dying to do this for such a long time, actually since last Black Friday! In fact since I purchased my Morphe Brushes babies as you can read in my Biggest Beauty Haul Ever post, I also bought some brush cleansing tools from Sigma Beauty but accidentally I didn’t add to cart one of their Spa® Brush Cleaning Mat because I thought it was included in another tool I had already picked. So, when I opened the package I realised I needed one but when I tried to purchase it from UK retailers it was out of stock, then I found an Italian website but the price was outrageous and I wasn’t even going to purchase again on Sigma website just for one item. So I thought to make myself one. Of course, no deal with the professional one Sigma sells but it is good if you want to give your brushes a deeper cleaning action than you normally would do with your hands.

A quick note about brush cleaning. If you are a makeup lover or just care for your skin beauty and health (and you should), you’d really pay attention to this topic. All the time we watch makeup tutorials or run into makeup tips and news all over social media and not, so we end up caring so much about buying new makeup products and less about how to take care of our makeup tools. In fact, if you’re brushes are not clean enough, your make up won’t apply as well as you want, and, what’s worse, it will just spread all sorts of bacteria and dirt, causing excess oil, pore enlargment and even break-outs.
So you want to make sure that you clean your brushes periodically and remove all the dirt and makup residues.

Now the DIY. Apparently some textures work in different ways and steps on brushes so I decided to create similar designs to test if they really work with my brush cleansing process. You can create your texture by simply hand-sketching them on a paper sheet or you can download the following image I created at computer with Adobe Illustrator. The sizes are based on my hand but you can cut it and resize to your taste.

Brush mat-01

As you can see I divided my mat in 2 circles, the first one for my face brushes and the second for the eye brushes, plus I have added 2 flaps at the edges to fasten it around my hand. The sections are divided in:

  • wash: first step is the wash texture, 1 for the face brushes and 4 for the eye brushes respectively
  • rinse: second step is the rinse texture, 2 for face and 5 for eye brushes
  • refine: third step is refine texture, 7 for both face and eye brushes
  • refine plus: final step for even deeper cleanse, 3 for face brushes and 6 for eye


  • paper sheet
  • acetate sheet
  • silicone + gun
  • toothpicks
  • plastic spatula (or whatever resembles it)


  1. Draw or print your mat design on a paper sheet (you can choose another shape if you desire).
  2. Then place an acetate sheet on top of the paper sheet and secure both in place with clips or staples outside the design. The acetate sheet will allow the silicone to be removed easily without tearing.
  3. Place the silicone in its gun and start filling the general shapes (circles, flaps and central fastener) making sure to fill the black dot on the flap too and to NOT fill the blank circle on the other one. You can start by placing a certain amount in the center of the shape and then spread it around with the aid of a spatula. Try to be fast because silicone dries pretty quickly and try to afford an even thickness of the layer in every spot. Let harden for a couple hours or even better overnight.
  4. On the solid base pattern, with the same silicone gun start spreading silicone following the traces. In general the black circles should be all filled with bigger and smaller dots. If the point is not very fine (like mine) spread some silicone on the shape or on another paper sheet and work it with some toothpicks. This is totally up to you and you’ll find out what works best for you, for me rolling the toothpick with a small amount of silicone on top made me create almost perfect circles. This applies also the thinnier lines. Since you’re working with small shapes take your time and try to be precise. Remember to also fill the black circle on the flap.
  5. When you’re done let it harden overnight. You’ll notice that the overtop layer has glued firmly to the base pattern and now it’s ready to use.

TIP: I used transparent silicone ’cause t’was the only one I had but you can even use the white one and colour it with acrylic paints. Just put some silicone and acrlyic in a plastic cup and mix well, then place it in a disposable pastry bag, you could even have a finer point.


You can now fasten it around your hand and use the surface you need or lay it on the bottom of your sink and successfully give your brushes the cleanse they deserve.

Hope you enjoyed this long post and lemme know in the comments if you want to know my brush cleansing routine and other tips and tricks to extend your brushes longevity.
‘Till next post take care of yourself (and your brushes).

Love you,


Ally ❤


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