Brush cleaning routine: How I cleanse my makeup brushes


Hi sweeties,

How are you? Hope you’re having a great time and are ready to start your weekend. I am! But in a kinda different day. In fact, a couple days ago I was chosen as one of the finalists of a fashion design competition and I am so exciteeed!!! I’m so dyying right now.
Remember when I told you guys I was pretty busy I was making some designs for a competition? Well, that was it. And now I have to make those designs get real and become actual dresses. Since I am a fashion designer, I’m supposed to only work on the idea, which means both the artistic and technical project, but since I’m graduated in patter-making and I’ve learnt to handcut and sew I will make these outfits by myself. And speaking of this, when I received the news I quickly slided from excitement to despair and self-hate for I had designed gowns that were surely not easy to make and out of my comfort zone for real! XD Anyways, during these days I’ve started making lists, patterns, buying new fabrics, a new mannequin, new books, while I’m working on a vectorial print at PC. So yeah, I dived deeply in this experience and if you guys want to follow this journey with me or are just curious about how garments are made follow my IG and check those stories or add me on Snapchat at allysfolio for cool BTS because I can’t post anything ’till the competion ends (sorry, these are the rules)! But I promise it will be fun too ;D

Now, onto the topic of the day. I’ve seen that you guys were pretty interested on the last post, which by the way was a DIY on this amazing brush cleansing tool, and if you missed it, you’d better try it out, because it’s worth the effort and cleans your brushes so deep you’re gonna have brand new brushes at the end. So go ahead, make it and then keep reading.
So as I promised here you have my brush cleaning routine and you’re going to learn very interesting facts on your brushes.
First question: do you know how often should you cleanse your makeup tools? Well I found this handy image that resumes it very well.


So make sure to keep your brushes and other makeup tools clean otherwise it could cause annoying breakouts, pimples, dark spots or even eye irritation when it comes to your eyelash curlers. That said, these are the steps I follow during my brush cleaning routine.

1. Cleanse

First I place the mat in the washbasin. Normally I would have wrapped it around my hand but you can tell it was pretty difficult to get one hand covered and with the other one hold a brush meanwhile taking photos. Surprisingly though, if the surface is not very wet, the mat sticks to it very well.

Then I wet the head of the brush and pour 3-4 drops of my Sigmagic Brushampoo on top of it, the quantity varies on the size of the brush, for eye brushes I only use 1.


And here starts the magic. I start rubbing the brush gently in circular motions on the wash surface. You’ll see a lot of foam starting to form, just keep going until you see it and the bristles getting clearer.


I then skip onto the rinse surface and rub the brush back and forth across the lines.

When I see the foam is starting to reduce and the bristles are even clearer I skip to the refine texture, to eliminate the residues, going back and forth. If you feel like the bristles are drying feel free to wet the brush a little.


When there’s almost no foam, I finally go onto the refine plus texture in circular motions again. And you can already see by the pic how clear the bristles are.

I mean… are you kidding me? This is insane. When I still used my makeup remover to clean my brushes (don’t do it) they never looked this clear. They just look like brand new. Plus, the bristles are so soft like I never used them, and I’ve used these brushes for 6 months already.
Note: During cleanse, try to make movements following the natural shape of the brush or you’ll ruin the bristles, especially those of the detail eye brushes.


2. Dry

After my brushes are clean, I wrap them in a clean towel and gently dry the bristles squeezing the excessive water.

When they’re just damp, I place them in my Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower. Now this is veery helpful, especially with the big kabuki brushes that take long time to get dry and sometimes they’re still wet a the center and you don’t know it and basically your whole face makeup appears choppy and ruined. I know the feeling. But this product has finally solved this problem. I just insert the bottom of the brush into the elastic fabric part and slip it upward until the whole point of the brush is covered and the secure the bottom to the pink clenching part.
The bottom is supposed to be used for the face brushes that are bigger and retain more water, so they need to be squeezed, whereas the upper part is for the eye brushes, that dry way faster.


I also prefer covering the whole tower so the bristles of the eye brushes, which are not covered, don’t catch dust or dirt whilst drying.
Once the brushes are completly dry, I store them in their brush cases. Don’t leave them in the open air, otherwise bacteria will start to sit on the bristles and this could cause breakouts or bad makup application, so try always store them in a box or somewhere closed and clean.

I hope you found this post helpful and lemme know what you want me to write about in the comments. I’m thinking about starting to talk about fashion and apparel in general because because this is actually a topic many people talk about but more about aesthetic and not in a tecnical and detailed way.
I announce that probably in the next weeks you’ll see big changes in this blog (whoohaa!) so stay tuned and over to my IG and Snapchat to stay connected with me.

I wish you a happy weekend and stay passionate and beautiful just as you are.


Ally ❤







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  1. I am now not certain the place you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time finding out more or working out more. Thank you for excellent information I was looking for this information for my mission.


  2. Wow, superb weblog structure! How long have you been running a blog for? you make running a blog glance easy. The overall glance of your web site is wonderful, as well as the content material!


    1. Aww thank you sweetie. Actually not that long as you can see but I’m planning more exciting content for the future posts. I really appreciate that you enjoy it. And please feel welcome to suggest any topic 😙


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