Major blog upgrade


Hi dears,

and Happy Easter! I know it’s been a while but I think as you guys get to know me you probably understand my second name is “busy”.

I’ve been so on my work lately I almost forgot to eat and it’s crazy ’cause I am the only person who’s putting pressure on me at the moment, but I have to slow down and take a deep breath sometimes. By the way I’m so happy that I’m halway through the first dress and now it’s time to get the most complicated but even the most beautiful part of the work done and if you follow me on IG stories or Snapchat you know what I’m talking about.
It’s weird how a dress could be way more difficult to make than you could imagine, but it totally is and this applies even to the apparently simplest piece of clothing. There’s so much work behind it but it’s totally worth it when you see the final result and even if I’m dying at the idea of being done with this dress, I’m really appreciating every single step of the way.

Now, to the main topic. As you can see from the title of this post, I’ve done a huge upgrade in this blog. I present to you… the new SHOP section, yeeeeey!!
I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but I always felt like it was not the right moment, but today I kinda thought: why am I procrastinating this so much?


So, when you clic on the shop page you’ll be automatically redirected to my Shop, which is called Ally’s Designs, on Spreadshirt. This is a website I partner with, where you can find all my designs and many items which are still customisable and purchase what you like. Then Spreadshirt will take care of your order and ship it to you as soon as possible.

I kept thinking of designing prints for a while but only when I found Spreadshirt I thought it could actually be possible. I found a bunch of similar websites but after many researches this was actually the one which was reviewed best both by customers and designers. Before choosing I made sure the quality of both the material and the print were high so that you won’t be disappointed and they are very reliable too.

But main question: what will you find on the shop? Basically everything my mind wants to get through and EVERYTHING you’ll ask me, so make sure you comment below this post if you’ve got any desire or request or email me at

You can already find some items which are moreover puns or mantras mostly inspired by wellness, positivity, fitness that are so-me-topics and that were especially designed as cool activewear in order to spread love for a healthy and happy lifestyle and to help you reach you best potential everyday and everywear and just, in general, to make you wake up with a smile on that face.

The following designs are my favorites:


Funny puns that will keep you both positive and on track…


For the gym bunnies out there you’ll love these reminders…


And finally, inspired by the much popular Fifty Shades of Grey novel and movie, this is the Fifty Shades of Gym t-shirt, for those of you who rock at the gym very hard, ’cause the only kind of happy soreness we know!

But these are only a pinch of the many other items available, from Iphone cases to hoodies, tanks, water bottles and shopping bags you’ll find. The range is wide and so is my creativity and willingness to make more. Plus, every design is personally made by me so you’ll be wearing a unique piece unless you buy a second one for your bestie! 😉

Now, I’m sorry but those fabric pieces on the mannequin are calling me and they won’t get a nice drape without me so I hope you enjoyed this short not so short post and son’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments down heere!

Until next post take care of yourself and I’ll catch up with ya on IG and Snapchat.

Stay true and inspired everyday,





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