Cool artsy weekend 

Hey everyone, I'm so soooorry for not posting in the last 3 weeks but I had so much stuff going on. So first of all, last week of internship has ended in tears, I had so much fun with the ladies at the Company. They were always adorable and thaught me so much, had even … Continue reading Cool artsy weekend 

Halloween Pumpkin Muffins and Mummies Appetizers

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween! I'm finally back home from work and I'm feeling exhausted at the beginning of my second week of internship already. Thank goodness tomorrow's All Saint's Day and I'll get a break, meaning that even though I'm not working in the company, I still have tons of projects and designs I … Continue reading Halloween Pumpkin Muffins and Mummies Appetizers

A trip to the East Festival

Hello everyone! So sorry for not publishing before but this week I almost slept under my tons of work to do for academy, but at least all the projects I presented were well welcomed so now... time for blogging (and for myself!). So, a couple weekends ago, I finally had the opportunity to visit the … Continue reading A trip to the East Festival